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Salesforce web Upload

Hello we are building an application on the salsforce platform with this sdk

We are running in to a problem with large file as there is a limit on http request of 6mb when we
are Posting the Document to groups via this method
POST /storage/{userId}/folders/{*path}?description={description}&callbackUrl={callbackUrl}&overrideMode={overrideMode} Upload

We would like to try using one of these two methods

POST /storage/{userId}/urls?url={url} Upload Web

POST /storage/{userId}/google/files/?url={url}&description={description}&accessToken={accessToken} Upload Google

my question mainly is how does the upload web method work how long does the url you pass to the Upload Web method need to be valid for (I.E. just the time it takes the method to complete or as long a that doc is on groupdoc storage). Also Does it need to have an extention on it to figure out the content type or can I pass a link like this https://sitetraker–groupdocs–
or does in need to be like for example. I have try the first link https://sitetraker–groupdocs– but it default to a word doctype.

We are also using google as are primary document store on groupdocs so would this method be the best us If so I have the same question about how long the url has to be valid on the server.

Hello ,

Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs.

Yes you are right if you use a trial account then you will have some restrictions such as : 100 operations/month, 5MB max file size, up to 20 files/month, 0.25 GB storage space and evaluation message in UI.
If you use the methods UploadWeb() or UploadGoogle(), then you should know that every time when you call these methods the document from the url will be uploaded on our server and will be available in your account . After upload the document to our server you will get the document Guid, that you can use while this document is storing on the server.
The url should have the extension, to figure out the content type of the document that you try to upload, it is necessary.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.

Best regards
Evgen Efimov
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