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Sampel Code for View maping



I have download “GroupDocs.Viewer_2.9.0_java_samples” and configured project by coping code from “GroupDocs.Viewer_2.9.0_java_samples\samples\servlet” into my project.

It stared and when I upload a file from index.jsp (groupdoc001.JPG) and redirect to “view” as in
line 29 response.sendRedirect(“view?tokenId=” + obj.getString(“tokenId”));

but we do not have any jsp or servlet maped to this url.

So will you please provide me sample servlet/jsp with it responsibility so that I can use to proceed further .


Hello Shivaprasad,

There is no servlet specifically mapped for the “/view” path, but there is the IndexServlet mapped for the root “/”:


The “/view” path is also handled by the IndexServlet, you can check its doGet method. There is code for the tokenId handling.