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Scanned PDF file not able to view as Text after converting same to OCR



I have one scanned image as PDF and I upload the same in my application with below steps:-

1) Upload Scanned Image
2) Scanned image is converted to OCR and document is saved in database.
3) I preview the document in groupdocs but it displays the document as Image instead of text.

But When I download the same its converted to ocr and I can search the text in other softwares such as adobe reader.

Also please find the attached document below.
Please responds ASAP.


Hello Sumit,

We’ve downloaded and investigated the document that you’ve attached to the forum post. In the “” archive there is one document “Scanned-OCRDoc(1).pdf” (62 067 bytes). This document doesn’t have a text layer - Adobe reader, Adobe Acrobat and all other PDF viewers that we’ve tried were not able to select text, make search and so on.

Please send us a document that you obtain after the OCR process and which has a text layer.

Thanks and waiting for a document.



Please find both documents scanned & searchable text.


Hello Sumit,

One more time, thank you for the uploaded documents. Yes, there is a text layer in the “Scanned-OCRDoc.pdf” file. As for the GroupDocs.Viewer, situation is very interesting. In the new HTML-based rendering mode GroupDocs.Viewer cannot extract the text: you cannot select it, search is not working. But in the image-based rendering mode both these functions are working, as you can see on the screenshot.

For this time we suggest you to use image-based mode. From our side, our developers begin to investigate the document. We will notify you in this forum thread when new info will arise.