Schema of xml data source


Hi Team,

I am trying to evaluate groupdocs (GroupDocs.Assembly) for my project and running into some roadblocker. Hoping you could help.

Can I use xml to generate doc file where schema of xml is not defined in data source xml ?

My xml data source is dynamic and xml format keeps changing very frequently so can i not use xsd to import schema of my xml and use xml without schema defined in it as my data source.




Thanks for evaluating GroupDocs.Assembly and posting your concerns. Can you please mention platform (.NET, Java or Cloud) and version of the API you are evaluating?



i am using .net Platform and GroupDocs.Assembly.18.5.0 with .net framework 4.0



Thanks for sharing details with us.

We have noticed your desired requirement of using dynamic XML data source and logged your scenario as an investigation in our internal issue Tracking System (ID: ASSEMBLYNET-85). We shall further investigate this scenario and keep you informed in case of any updates.



You can load XML of any structure, without any schema defined. Please feel free to download and use the attached sample console application and provide your valuable feedback. (55.6 KB)

In case you would have any questions or queries, please feel free to let us know.