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Script error: Unable to get value of the property find in a Windows Application


The viewer is embedded in a WebBrowser object in a Windows Application.

Can you reproduce that?

Thank you.



Hello Alexis,

Sorry for the delay. We’ve performed an investigation, but unfortunately we cannot reproduce the reported issue: the WebBrowser component shows the web-page with GroupDocs.Viewer widget without problems in both rendering modes; all features like searching, navigation and rotation are working well.

Please provide us more info about this issue in order to make our investigation more specified, narrowed and concrete:

1. An exact version of the GroupDocs.Viewer.

2. Which version of the .NET Framework is used for this WinForms application?

3. The source code of the GroupDocs.Viewer widget.

4. Any other details which may be helpful. For example, this error occurs only with specific documents, or with all documents? It is present only in the production environment, or in development environment too? And so on.

Thanks and waiting for your reply.


Hello, below the answers to your questions:

  1. It was 2.3.0 but I have updated to 2.8.0 and still happens.
  2. 4.0
  3. Send via email.
  4. All documents. Production environment.

Thank you.


We are sorry that you have such issue. Our dev. team works on resolving this issue. We will notify you in this thread when it will be ready.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for your answer.

Have been able to reproduce that?


Hello Alexis,

Sorry for the delay, this problem required a lot of time.

About the ASPX page that you have sent to us. There are two problems on it:
1. Line 35, you have a var containerElement = $("#test"); But should be var containerElement = $("#visordiv"); because your DIV has a “visordiv” ID (line No 48).
2. The JavaScript code, which performs a dynamic adjustment of the width, should be moved below the DIV “visordiv” and below the source code of the GroupDocs.Viewer widget. It should be done, because some browsers works incorrect when you try to use objects before their initialization.

Now about the main problem. After scrupulous and accurate reproducing of your environment we were able to reproduce the problem. We’ve deployed a test project in the IIS using a Classic pipeline and then opened it via WebBrowser component in the WinForms application - and the error has occurred. The issues listed above are not the reason(s) - the error is still present even without a scripts, with standard settings.

We are working on this and will notify you when we will have any news.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hello Alexis,

Please try to do the next:
1. Update the GroupDocs.Viewer library to the latest version 2.9.1.
2. Perform both steps from my previous post: rename “#test” ID to “#visordiv” ID and move the JavaScript code from the HEAD bock to the bottom of the page, below the “visordiv” DIV and GroupDocs.Viewer widget.
3. Clean and Rebuild the web-site.
4. Open this “VisorGroupDocs.aspx” page in the browser and make sure that all is working Okay, and there are no error messages in the browser console.
5. Finally, try to open this page via the WebBrowser component from WinForms application. And come back to us, if this issue still be present. Give us a screenshot if the error message will be different from the previous time.

Thanks and waiting for your reply.