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SCRIPT65535: Invalid calling object Error using latest version



I wondering if someone could help me please. We have recently upgraded the GroupDocs Viewer from to In doing so we now get JavaScript errors with some of our code. I believe this is related to the different versions of knockout.js that is embedded in the assembly. In the newer version it appears to be 3.2.0 while previously it was 3.0.0.

The code where we get the error on is the following:

var curPopupIcon = $(this).clone(true);

// place the copy next to the document type icon
var docTypeColumn = $(this).parent().prev();

The error occurs on the last line with:

SCRIPT65535: Invalid calling object
knockout-3.2.0.js, line 75 character 103

I have spent several days looking on the internet for any possible solution and have yet to find a cause or fix to this problem.

Additional information is that this only occurs in IE9 compatibility mode. We have some functionality in our Product that Iframes in a SharePoint page where the Viewer is embedded. Because of limitations which we can't change the fact that when SharePoint is iframed into the Product it throws it into IE9 compatibility mode.

I have however replicate the same issue when navigating to SharePoint outside of the iframe by changing the Browser Mode to IE9 Compat View and Document Mode to IE9 Standards via IE Developer Toolbar.

Any help would be most appreciated.



We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. First of all I will advice you to use the latest version of the Viewer with more fixes for some other bugs.

As for the issue with IE9 mode - you can add such property for the meta tag:

You should put it to the head section of the web page which you view in the iframe

Best regards.


I have updated the viewer to the latest version but the issue still persists.

As this is SharePoint we can't easily change the meta tag as you have suggested. SharePoint is part of our product so changing this manually for all our customers is not really an option.

I am not sure what else we can do at this stage.



Thank you for coming back. In such to be able to suggest you any solution we will need description for what exactly you can change (for which part of the project you have access) and full code of it.

As for the updating meta tag from my previous post - I mean to add it in the same web page where you have Viewer widget code

Thank you.