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i tried the Annotation but i need my collaborator see my pdf scrolling, it does not for the moment even when activating it in dashboard…

Enable Real Time Mouse Movement Broadcast for Documents You Own

Enable Scroll Broadcast for Documents You Own

Enable Zoom Broadcast for Documents You Own

Is it possible to add my own translation (menu action…) ?




We are sorry that you have such issue. Please check that you select all these checkboxes in your GroupDocs account settings. Also in the URL of embed GroupDocs.Annotation you hsould add this GET parameter “master=true” in the main browser (whos movements will be translated). For example such URL can looks like this one:

Also please check this screencast for how it’s work. On the screencast you see same document opened for annotating in two browsers, left browser is a main (master=true) and the left one is a collaborator. Please note that the collaborator will get “changes” with a delay.



Thanks a lot, it works very fine with ?master=true !!

I think we gonna subscribe to Annotation but we need to check deeply if it suits all our needs.

- Would you know something about localization of the module ? (french)

- The user will select the pdf (maybe with the wordpress plugin) and I need to send selected document GUID to a php file.

Please in which file of the WP can i find the variable for the GUID selected ?

would you have an idea how to do that ?



Thank you for your request. We glad to hear that our GroupDocs.Anotation product are interesting for you.

If you need to set the another localization, then you should know that our Cloud Service doesn't supports other localizations apart from English.
In case that you need to customize localization we can offer you to check our stand-alone libraries for the GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET and for Java.
Please check our features for GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET here and documentations how to use it here .
Also check the features for the GroupDocs.Annotation for Java library here and documentations here .

Our GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud plugin can be used for annotating the document by your users . It adds to the WordPress page the iframe, with an url to our Annotation Cloud service.
Also it uses our GroupDocs API for uploading the documents to our server , for generating the list of files from your account and for adding the collaborator to the document and sets the access rights for this collaborator.
If you need to know in which files this plugin is saving the variable with GUID, then you can check the treeviewer.php file and the grpdocs-dialog.php file.

Please note that the only administrator of your WP web site can change the document to annotate in the plugin

As we understand your use-case, you need that the users can chose your files and annotate them, for it you should try to use our stand-alone library or you should customize the plugin to allow all users select the document.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.

Best regards
Evgen Efimov
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Thanks a lot for your answer.

In our case, we will use Annotation Cloud with Wordpress to create Online Lessons Websites.

There will be teachers and students.

Every teacher will have his own page in wordpress but we want to ease the process for the to launch a course.

You shortcake generator is well, but too much options for a teacher. He just need to choose/ or upload a PDF.

So i will try to hide all the unnecessary and get the GUID to send the variable to a php file that will have the your iframe code.

Best regards,



Thank you for coming back with the details. In your case you should delete the unnecessary functionality in the grpdocs-dialog.php file and in the grpdocsannotation.php.

The groupdocs-dialog.php file responsibles for the popup window and you can hide or show the necessary info.
You can hide the functionality, which adds collaborators, so just need to delete this code:

Collaborator email:
CanView: CanAnnotate: CanDownload: CanExport:

and this

if (!empty($_POST['can_view'])) {
$can_view = 'True';
} else {
$can_view = 'False';
if (!empty($_POST['can_annotate'])) {
$can_annotate = 'True';
} else {
$can_annotate = 'False';
if (!empty($_POST['can_download'])) {
$can_download = 'True';
} else {
$can_download = 'False';
if (!empty($_POST['can_export'])) {
$can_export = 'True';
} else {
$can_export = 'False';

also you should change the generator of shortcode for example:


The grpdocsannotation.php file parses the shortcode and puts the GUID in iframe and adds the collaborators to the document.
You should use in the function grpdocs_annotation_getdocument only this code :

'file' => '',
'width' => '',
'height' => '',
'page' => 0,
'version' => 1,
), $atts));

$url = "{$file}?referer=wordpress-annotation/1.3.13";
$code = "";
return $code;

all other code should be deleted from that function.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.

Best regards
Evgen Efimov
Your Document Collaboration APIs
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I’ve a latency with realtime movements (scroll, annotations…), would it be possible to have to limit modifications and actions to the teacher ?

In order the student, can’t scroll, annotate…only see the movement made by the teacher ?

Maybe this could be reduce the latency…

This is the code i use…



Thank you for your request. Sorry but at this moment our service can't provide this functionality . We appreciate our customers and we are reported our product team about your question. At the moment we are working over the full refactoring our products and we hope that after some investigations this issue we will be able to add this functionality in the new version our products.

At the moment you can only restrict the actions for annotating the documents for each student. For it you should set user's rights to view only for current document. .

From your previous posts we can assume that you simplified our plugin for your requirements and now for adding the access rights, you should add this code in the grpdocsannotation.php file to the function grpdocs_annotation_getdocument().
$clientId = get_option('annotation_userId');
$privateKey = get_option('annotation_privateKey');
$signer = new GroupDocsRequestSigner($privateKey);
include_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/tree_annotation/lib/groupdocs-php/APIClient.php');
include_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/tree_annotation/lib/groupdocs-php/StorageApi.php');
include_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/tree_annotation/lib/groupdocs-php/GroupDocsRequestSigner.php');
include_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/tree_annotation/lib/groupdocs-php/FileStream.php');
$signer = new GroupDocsRequestSigner($privateKey);
include_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/tree_annotation/lib/groupdocs-php/AntApi.php');
$apiClient = new APIClient($signer);
$antApi = new AntApi($apiClient);
$reviewer = new ReviewerInfo();
$reviewer->primary_email = '';
$reviewer->access_rights =1;
$antApi->AddAnnotationCollaborator($clientId, "file guid", $reviewer);

$reviewer->primary_email - this email address assigned for anonymous collaborator and if the students is not registered in the GroupDocs service , they is anonymous and you should add these access rights for them .

Best regards
Evgen Efimov
Your Document Collaboration APIs
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Thanks a lot for your great support !

Should the code you gave me ,replace everything exists in to the function grpdocs_annotation_getdocument() ?

Our commercial project is very linked to your product features, so could you tell me more about your full refactoring ?



Thank you for your request. At the moment I can't give you more detailed information about our full refactoring. But I can say that the functionality that we have at the moment, will be improved and new features will be added.

The sample code that I gave you before, you can use only for adding the collaborators to a document. In order that the function returns an iframe with your document GUID, you should add this code after adding the collaborators :

$url = "{$file}?referer=wordpress-annotation/1.3.13";
$code_url = $signer->signUrl($url);
$code = "";

The variables ($file, $height, $width) you will get from a shortcode.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.

Best regards
Evgen Efimov
Your Document Collaboration APIs
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