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Scrooll and is displayed incorrectly

You try to visualize a pdf file of several pages, all your blank pages are rendered.
Each page has its own scrooll and is displayed incorrectly. Attached image.

Screenshot_9.jpg (34.0 KB)
Screenshot_8.jpg (48.2 KB)
DownloadAsPDF.jpg (155.8 KB)
Screenshot_11.jpg (147.9 KB)

At this point it is necessary to verify:

  • Thumbnails
  • document opening and page scroll
  • render blank


Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer.

In order to investigate your reported issues, we would like you to provide us following details.

  • Platform and version of GroupDocs.Viewer
  • Problematic file
  • Source code or the name of the open source document viewer application you are using

Furthermore, you have mentioned that you are getting issue while visualizing PDF document, however, the screenshots show that you are viewing a tiff file. Would you please make it clear?


source code:


Thanks for providing the required details.

We are able to reproduce the issue related to “Download as PDF” at our end. As the issue is specific to the front end application, therefore, we have logged it in our GitHub issues as: We will further look into it and keep you informed in case of any updates.

Furthermore, we are unable to reproduce the scrolling issue you mentioned in the screenshots. The file is rendering without any scrollbars in image view in Internet Explorer as well as in Google Chrome (see screenshot). Would you please share with us the version of Internet Explorer you are using at your end?

We can not find any issue regarding the thumbnails and render blank (see screenshot of thumbnails). Would you please share some more details on it?


Your reported issue, logged as, has been fixed. Please download the updated version of the application from here.


The issue you have reported earlier, logged as, has been fixed in this release.