Search Documents by Modified Date in C#

How can I apply search method on Modified date or Filename . Plus Filename consists of whole address when I use OUTPUT ADAPTER. Is there way to search documents by modified date or filename in C#? As I also want to search within Content plus the METADATA .


We are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID SEARCHNET-2653.


Please note that by default, the search is performed in all fields of a document. For example in the main content, in the fields of metadata (modified date, file name, etc.).

Apply search by Modified Date using C#

However, to search only specific fields in a document, such as modified date, you need to use a faceted search or search for date from a range (e.g. Date range search).
Given below is the example of finding a date range in the ModificationDate field:

//C# code
// specify the search query with date range
string query = "ModificationDate: daterange(2017-01-01 ~~ 2019-12-31)";