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Search does not work for parts of a word


I can only search for whole words in a (PDF) document, not parts of it.

Users are used to be able to search for parts of a word (e.g. last numbers of an invoice number).

Is there a way to configure that?

If not, can you please provide the described standard search behavior (see Adobe Reader or PDFJS)?

Many thanks in advance!



Thank you for the request. Please set true for the SearchForSeparateWords option in the Viewer widget. If the searchForSeparateWords parameter is true, the Viewer will search for any of the words specified in the search text box. If false, the Viewer control will search for exact matches of a whole phrase specified in the search text box. If the treatPhrasesInDoubleQuotesAsExactPhrases parameter is true, then if a search phrase is in double quotes, the Viewer will find a match only if words in a current document are in the same order as they are in the search phrase and each word is equal to each word of the search phrase. Whitespaces and separator characters are ignored.

Best regards.


Hi Pavel,

thanks for the quick answer, but I am talking about GroupDocs.Annotation, not the viewer. The described Option is not available in GroupDocs.Annotation.

Can it be done with annotations, too?


Hi again,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Unfortunately current Annotation doesn’t have such feature. But soon we will release a next generation of the Annotation which will allow more features and flexibility, fr example you will be able to create absolutely custom UI with features you need.

Best regards.


Hi Pavel,

what a pity!

How soon is soon then?

Best regards,



Hi Phil,

Thank you for the question. The next generation Annotation should be released in the end of the February.

Best regards.