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Search with hebrew text does not working on PDF. XLS



I’m using .net viewer,

when the viewer render the file to html, the text in Hebrew is displayed correctly, but when i’m using the search text box it does not mark the word.

its working well in word documents but not in excel and PDF.

any help?



Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs and we are sorry for the issue. Since search in word documents works well the reason of the issue is a document specific. Could you please share with us examples of the pdf and excel documents.

Also will be helpful if you will share with us example of the Viewer widget that you use and screenshot of the issue.

Thank you.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as WEB-1712) have been fixed in this update.

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Hi all,

I would like to describe the situation
My name is Guy havusha and I am managing Microsoft consulting group of Israel.

we are working for the Israeli parliament and your component is the BASE and the MAJOR ability for this document project.

we have selected your solution after long POC lead by our team (you have the record that describe it from Itay Shakury a half year ago)
the current situation is VERY problematic for Microsoft Israel as we are talking about the biggest public sector customer.

I will appreciate your severity A help so we can deliver it ASAP and go live with a purchase components



Hello Guy,

We really appreciate that you have chosen our service for your project and we understand that the issue fix is very important for you. We will do all our best to resolve the issue ASAP but we need examples of the documents that we will be able to reproduce the issue and fix it for you. We can’t investigate the issue without these documents. Since that please share with us examples of the pdf and xlsx documents that you use, it will speed up resolving of the issue.

Thank you.


Hello again,

In addition to previous post please try to use latest version of the Viewer library and these properties in the Viewer widget:
.UseHtmlBasedEngine(true, true)

Thank you.



attached likes to pdf files that you can download and check,




Hello Itzik,

Thank you for the examples. Yes, we have reproduced the issue and created a bug ticket (you can check it attached to this thread). Our product team will do all the best to resolve the issue ASAP.
When the fixed version will be available we will notify you here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Pavel,

Any news?

do you have timeline estimation for this case?

we currently on hold because of this case…




Hello Itzik,

Thank you for coming back. Sorry but currently we don’t have news about the issue. I will try to speed up the fix process and found out more info about it from our product team. I will notify you with the results.

We apologize for your inconvenience.