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Selecting text for e.g. underline

I am testing the annotation tool on https://products.groupdocs.app/annotation with a standard PDF file containing text and images. When using annotation methods like ‘underline’ or ‘highlight’, I expect to select portions of text, but a rectangle is drawn and no underline or highlight is applied.
What am I doing wrong?

@schlueter, thanks for your request.

Does it work on another document, or the problem is document specific ?

The reason could be that text on your PDF document is not a text but an image. Looks like it is a your document specific. If you would share your document we’ll check that assumption.

Thank you for your quick response.

The PDF definitely contains text. Please have a look at

and the original file I attach to this post.

dummy_03.pdf (38.5 KB)


We cannot reproduce this issue at our end. Please have a look at this screenshot.PNG.jpg (402.9 KB). We can successfully add text underline and highlight annotation. Please have a look at this output file - dummy_03 (1).pdf (52.2 KB). Could you please try the web app again? Let us know if issue persists.

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