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[Sequence contains no matching element] error on Export to Word for Annotation version

We have recently came across this error. I will explain as much as I can on the replication steps.

Attached is the sample word document (Doc17.docx) - Please remove the .txt extension.

Highlight the same word (ie. Proc ) and make comment. You should expect two comments on the same word.
Export to Word with TrackChanges.
A [Sequence contains no matching element is thrown].

Below is the Export code used:

AnnotationAlias::Groupdocs.Web.Annotation.Utils.AnnotationsExporter.Perform(m_sessionId, m_filename,
AnnotationAlias::Groupdocs.Common.DocumentType.Words, AnnotationAlias::Groupdocs.Common.AnnotationMode.TrackChanges);

Also see the exception and stacktrace attached.

Also, we removed the ability for users to delete annotations by removing the AnnotationAlias::Groupdocs.Common.AnnotationReviewerRights.CanDelete in the AccessRights.



Thank you for the request. Unfortunately you use a very old version of the library, since that please migrate to the latest version . If you can’t migrate to the 3.x version you can try to use 2.x version of the library, but you should note that all versions below 3.0 is not supported anymore and any issues will not be fixed.

Best regards.


Thanks, Pavel.

Is this fixed in 2.x?

We’d like to to upgrade but there are functionalities we need and/or have that 3.x is not supporting yet.





Hi Leo,

Thank you for coming back. I have checked this issue with the 2.x version of the library - if to export the Word file with several annotations on the same word by using "Export with annotations’ option the document exported well. If to use the same option that you used - the issue can be reproduced.

I will also check this issue with the latest version of the library and then will notify you with the results.

Best regards.


Hi Leo,

In addition to my previous post - I have checked this issue with the latest version of the library and found out that this issue is not reproducible.

Best regards.



Thanks, Pavel.



Hi Leo,

You are welcome.

Best regards.