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Setting default font Conversion for .NET

I want this feature in .NET library. I have a scenario where a user-uploaded file might be using a non-standard font. Currently the output of PDF conversion is horrific because of the fallback font. I wish to be able to control the default font for fallback.


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Thanks for your query. We logged your scenario as an investigation in our internal issue tracking system with ID:CONVERSIONNET-2362. As we have any update, we’ll notify you.


Currently, you can only set default font option for Slides as follows:

var loadOptions = new     SlidesLoadOptions
        Password = "secret",
         DefaultFont = "Verdana"  // Default font for rendering the presentation. The following font will be used if a presentation font is missing.

This functionality will be added in Words and Cells from next version of the API (18.3). As far as PDF documents are concerned, usually the font is embedded in the document. Can you please tell us, from what format you are converting to PDF?