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Setting up GroupDocs.Signature on Xamarin.Android

I’m trying to setup GroupDocs.Signature on a blank Xamarin.Android.
According to the “Getting Started” guide, one only needs to add the “GroupDocs.Signature” nuget package but if fails to compile due to missing several “Aspose.*” packages.

The issue I’m facing is with the Aspose.Slides package. The one I find is names “Aspose.Slides.NET” but after adding that one the problem persists.
image.png (8.8 KB)
image.png (2.7 KB)

Is this some compatibility issue?
The final goal would be to use GroupDocs.Signature in a Xamarin.Forms app. Will this not be possible?

Kind regards,
André Pereira


Please have a look at the minimum system requirements. API could be used to develop applications in Xamarin.Android environment.
However, we need following details in order to investigate this issue at our end:

  • Targeted .NET framework (e.g. 4, 4.5)
  • GroupDocs.Signature for .NET API version (e.g. 20.1, 20.11)
  • Aspose APIs and their versions (if you have referred them with the Signature API)

Target framework: MonoAndroid v10 which uses MonoFramework 6.4
Package references for GroupDocs.Signature and Aspose APIs:

Aspose.Cells 20.12.0
Aspose.PDF 20.12.0
Aspose.Slides.NET 20.12.0
GroupDocs.Signature 20.11.0

Let me know if I missed anything.


We are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is SIGNATURENET-3235. You’ll be notified as there’s any update.

@andre.pereira.nmbrs, good day
This is Yuriy from the Development team
Can you please share the Solution and the emulator you are trying to compile.
So far it seems the requirements for *nix targets to include all references the library uses (even if these references are embedded into the library itself). The issue with the Aspose.Slides refers to another development team we are trying to investigate the issue on targets.
Please use the latest 21.1 version with the following references

“Aspose.BarCode” 21.1.0
“Aspose.Cells” 21.1.0
“Aspose.Imaging” 20.12.0
“Aspose.PDF” 21.1.0
Aspose.Slides.NET” 21.1.0
“Aspose.Words” 21.1.0
“Newtonsoft.Json” 12.0.3

Most probably this fill fix the issue if no please share zipped solution to ensure we are reproducing on same VS version and settings. Are you using Visual Studio 2019 or other IDE / tools?

Thank you!