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Several Issue at GroupTotal Doc

Dear Customer Service,

I have Trial Group Total Family, I want to ask several issue below :

  1. How to Add User Properties in the comments annotation?

  2. How to Setting Annotation with type User : user Reviewer 1 cannot delete other reviewers’ comments?

  3. How to Setting Annotation with type User : Consolidators can delete other reviewers’ comments?

  4. How to Grouping list Comment per Page in online review?

  5. How to Integrating Groupdoc Total Family with own software? (we use dotnet)

  6. Can we input formula to groupdoc editor (xlsx) ?

  7. why some file xlsx eror when opening in groupdoc editor?

Thank You for Attention



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You can add replies to the annotations. In reply, you can put user’s information as well.

As far as restricting a user from deleting replies or comments is concerned, you have to implement it at UI level.

Could you please share more details on this?

All GroupDocs.Total for .NET APIs are UI agnostic. Therefore, they can easily be integrated in any .NET project without any third party tool or software dependency.

We are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is EDITORNET-2234.

Could you please share the problematic file(s)? Also share screenshot of the issue.


In general, the answer is No. We have an update on EDITORNET-2234.
When input Spreadsheet document (of any Excel format, for example) contains a formula, the resultant HTML-document, intended for the editing (when you generate an EditableDocument instance using Editor.Edit() method and then from EditableDocument generate HTML-markup), will contain not the formula, but the result of its calculation as a text.
You can specify a formula within any cell of the document during its editing in the user-located WYSIWYG-editor, but after saving the document (when you generate an EditableDocument from edited HTML-markup and then pass it to the Editor.Save() method) this formula will be saved in the resulted Spreadsheet not as a formula, but as a text value (string).

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