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SharePoint Server 2013 Annotation integration

Hello. Can you give me some useful information about integrating "Annotation" modulus into SharePoint Server 2013. Would this modulus work inside SharePoint?

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Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs. We will investigate this for you and we will create a documentation how to integrate GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET to the SharePoint2013 project. We will notify you when it will be ready.



Thank you for your patience. We prepared documentation for you here - . Please check this article for how to integrate GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET in to your SharePoint 2013 Web site.

We will send you a sample of GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET on your email. In this sample we added handlers which will take requests from your project and will return JavaScript code of the widget which will integrate GroupDocs.Annotation. You should unzip this package, build it in VS 2012 and run on IIS. After that use URL of running sample in the code which you will add in to the SharePoint Web part.