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Side by side comparison for mostly [docx /pdf] file types

I tried out the Demo for GroupDocs.Comparision listed here and from the documentation provided (.NET) noticed that the output produced for two files comparison is like this :
Content of both documents merged together in series(pages) of images and in it we have listed all the changes serialized from ‘ChangeInfo’ class.
My objective is to show a side by side comparison, where on the left side i show only changes that are only of ‘Deleted’ ChangeType and on the right side the changes that are of ‘Inserted’ or remaining other ChangeType. My basic goal is to first achieve two different comparisons that give me the expected result.
For this I have done the following:

  1. Two word files namely Doc A (original) and Doc B (Modified).
  2. Compared the two documents twice , say C1 and C2.
  3. Accepted all Deletions and rejected the insertions from C1 and saved it (C1 now had only deleted revision applied), Accepted All Insertions and rejected all deletions from C2 (C2 now has only inserted revisions applied).
  4. Compare C1 to Doc A and get result Doc R1 (supposed to only show deletions).
  5. Compare C2 to Doc A and get result Doc R2 (supposed to only show insertions).
  6. I would later use these two comparison results showing them side by side on UI to achieve my objective.

Now, the issue here is Doc R1 detects some insertions ,and Doc R2 also detects some deletions. though these are blank values, but it does come on UI.
Is there some other alternative to this, or should I operate under the assumption that comparison is UI agnostic and nothing better, apart from what I have done is within reach ?


We are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is COMPARISONNET-3059.

Hi @Atir_Tahir , any update ?


The ticket is still open. We’ll notify you as there’s any progress update.