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Side-by-Side Comparison Results on ASP.Net WebForms page


How does one display the comparison results in side-by-side format on an ASP.Net Web Forms page? The ‘webforms’ example application was very complex and there was no apparent roadmap or documentation about how it was put together.


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First thing first, our document comparison API is UI-agnostic. This back-end API takes a source and target file as input and returns comparison results/summary. Have a look at this minimal code to compare two documents.

Resultant document will show you inserted, deleted or style changed items. Looking at that we can get a clear picture of the differences that the source and target files have. Please go through our developers guide.

Please download and explore this basic document comparison application. It takes two files as input, compares them and generates the output. We then render that output document into the HTML, save it in a MemoryStream and display it in the browser using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET API.

Hi, which of those have Side-by-Side results display?


Please have a look at this screenshot. GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET generates (only) such a result.