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Signature API

Hi GroupDocs Team,!/storage/UploadWeb_POST

I am using the above API to upload a document through URL, which returns a success and my document is getting uploaded in my account. I can see it in “My Web Documents”. But i intend to upload a document to get it signed. When i am trying to create envelope and choosing that web document, it is returning the error “conversion impossible”.

My query is how can i use this web uploaded document to get signed like i am able to do the stream uploaded ones.

Response awaited,

Hi @ira.mckey, We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. Could you please share with me URL of the document example that you used and the code example which you use to create the envelop.

Best regards.

Hi @pavelteplitsky,

I tried the post call on the “Upload Web” API which is as follows-
POST /storage/{userId}/urls?url={url}
The url I used is “”(it is a sample doc that i found on internet)
Response -
“result”: {
“adj_name”: null,
“url”: “”,
“type”: “Html”,
“file_type”: “Html”,
“size”: 0,
“version”: 1,
“view_job_id”: null,
“thumbnail”: “”,
“upload_time”: -62135596800000,
“id”: 2355995,
“guid”: “6ebc2fdd5e74959688cdb3acb7d2a9ec89f5dd8655dbdc52b0ba1227259f9e2b”
“status”: “Ok”,
“error_message”: null,
“composedOn”: 1507534391750

When i check my account on i found this pdf uploaded in “My Web Documents”.

In the response object i obtained a guid for my doc. Now i want to add this document to create envelope.

I used the following API
POST /signature/{userId}/envelope?name={name}&templateId={templateGuid}&envelopeId={envelopeGuid}&documentId={documentGuid}&parseFields={parseFields} to create signature envelope
with the above guid.

Response -

“result”: {
“envelope”: null
“status”: “Failed”,
“error_message”: “Conversion impossible”,
“composedOn”: 1507534699002

Same is the case when i try the process through the application


Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 1.12.14 PM.png (388.0 KB)

For reference i attached a screenshot of the aplication.

I assume that i am missing some step. Please assist me with the process.

Hi @ira.mckey Thank you for these details. I was able to reproduce the issue. Also We have created a bug ticket for it. When our Product team will resolve it - I will notify you here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Okay, Awaiting response…

Hi @ira.mckey Thank you for your patience.

Best regards.