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Signature date formatting issue


After customer saves form. Date displays on contract MM/DD/YY… Unable to find settings to change formatting

need to display as dd/mm/yy



Thank you for your request. We have checked it with our core developers and we will implement it soon.

Thank you for your suggestion.


Hello -

Any status on this?



Yes, this feature is released and you can use it. In case that you use GroupDocs cloud service when you add date field to the document just switch to the date settings tab as shown on this screenshot and select format which you needed.

In case that you use GroupDocs.Signature for .NET library you should do next:
in Global.asax.cs where you initialize the component

GroupdocsSignature.Init(new GroupdocsSignatureSettings)

GroupdocsSignatureSettings class has property “DateFieldAcceptedFormats” this is string array, you can setup there the custom formats and then on prepare you will be able to select one from those formats.