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Signature fields


I want to add signature fields in PDF file and send it for signing purpose.

Is there way to add signature field in pdf using code?

ex - like i have 7 place where sign is written on pdf file. i want to add signature field at each using code.



Hi There,

Thanks for showing your interest in GroupDocs.Signature for .NET and posting the query.
We shall investigate your scenario and share outcomes with you. Please stay tuned.

Have a nice weekend ahead.


Hi There,

We would like to ask you, do you want to put same digital signatures at different slots/locations (locations that you specify using code) ?
If yes, you can do that by adding several locations to the signature options and put signature at those slots at once.

// define option
var option = new PdfSignDigitalOptions();
// add location-1
options.AddLocation( new SignLocation( …) );
// add location-2
options.AddLocation( new SignLocation( …) );




yes i want to add same signature at all different slots/ locations. But how can i add the signature fields at all locations to specify where to add signature.



I want to add signature at run time. Not from digital signature but from image. create during run time and the add in all locations on pdf file.



Hi Hsharma,

Thanks for sharing your use case.
But we want to clarify it more. So, you want to create signature locations/fields through code in a document. Once you specify these locations, you want to add image signatures on those locations and you want to execute these two steps in one-go (both steps must be executed at run-time).
Please correct me if I am wrong.
Keen to hear from you.

Many Thanks



Yes i want exactly like you explain. only change is that not a one step process. can work with two step process too.



Hi Hsharma,

Thanks for your answer.
So, in a two way/step process, how you want to proceed? In first step you want to specify signature locations/fields in the document (of course that document will be saved) and then you want to add image signature on those locations. Hence, same document with specified locations (that was saved earlier) must be taken as input document and then signatures will be applied on those locations. Is it something you are seeking for ?
We shall surely appreciate your thoughts.




This is exactly what i wanted.

first step - add signature fields in complete pdf or doc file where ever i want. Save the file.

second step - get sign image from user and add at the signature fields locations which we added in first step with just single click.



Hi Hsharma,

We really appreciate your cooperation.
Now your use case is pretty much clear. We shall investigate your scenario and notify you about the outcomes. Please stay tuned.

Best Wishes


Hello Team, Did you find anyway to do the above as same.
I am also searching for same solution.


GroupDocs.Signature support,

Please let me know if there are any updates on the support for the said feature by hsharma.
I’ll recollect the same requirement and put like this:-

Step 1. Creator loads PDF file on screen and puts multiple signature fields on one or multiple pages. Saves this document and sends to the signatory.

Step 2. Signatory receives the PDF file with the signature fields where signatory is supposed to sign and sends back to the creator.




We successfully implemented multiple signature options that can be passed to Sign method. A new class SignatureOptionsCollection allows user to add different signature options (text, image and digital) to collection and then Sign document with all of them. All Signature Options should be for one document type. Please find documentation for this feature here.


Thanks for your response.
I’ll further simplify the question:

Can we just add empty signature options and save the PDF document ?

And can user open this saved document and see the empty signature fields and sign it ?




Currently this feature is not supported by the API. However, we are investigating, if this feature can be implemented in the API (in any upcoming releases). As we have any update, you will be notified.



There could be following solutions/workarounds in order to implement this use case:

  • You can add Image Signature on PDF document and specify page number and alignment. The image could be (for your case) similar to empty white rectangle or just underline along required width. You can see this article/example. And then user can add signatures on the specified place.

  • Secondly, we have introduced Form-Field Signatures in latest release of the API. Currently, using this feature you can input data into standard form elements like Text, CheckBox and Digital Signature. Please visit this documentation article for further details on it.