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Signature Form not completing


Wordpress App – Once I fill out the fields and click the “Sign Form” button, then click “Yes” for signature confirmation, the form grays out and there is a spinning icon that reads “Signing your form…” but the form never completes (i.e. this spinning icon never goes away and the signature doesn’t show up in the GroupDocs admin section).

The form ID is f4865e916d514705d3b4e1208d541021

Also happens for form ID 43a4a370f8c696130f8ce5223e4be921

Seems to be a systemic problem vs. a form specific problem.


Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch,

Please accept my apologies for this issue, our team are currently investigating what the cause is. I’ll come back to you once our lead developer has more information for me.

Take care,
Derek Hyland, Venture Lead, GroupDocs (Aspose Pty Ltd)
Office: +1 (214) 329 9760
Skype: derekh.aspose


Hi there,

Many thanks for notifying this issue to us and once again we apologize for the inconvenience.

We’ve found the issue and resolved it. You can now simply sign the embedded document. Please revert back if you need anything else.

Kind regards,
Vipin Thomas, GroupDocs Support