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Signature gets distorted when inserting

We are experiencing an issue with certain documents, which strangely doesn’t occur all the time, just in some specific cases.
For these documents, after drawing a signature and placing it in a document, it ends up in a position below than where it was expected, and also with a size about 15-20% bigger.

Just after drawing it and previewing the document, it actually looks good and in the correct place. But after we call the SignatureHandler.Sign method, it stamps the signature in the pdf and the image ends up being modified as mentioned before.

We are wondering what might be the cause for this, and want to know if it might be related to one of the known issues mentioned here:, or is that just for Text Signatures only?

Something that might be important, is that when saving that pdf in word as a docx and then saving it back as pdf, if that document is used in that way that I mentioned, the issue doesn’t happen anymore. So imagine that it has something to do with the document itself, we just cannot figure out what specifically.

distorted signing box 2.jpg (27.5 KB)
distorted signing box 1.jpg (72.6 KB)


Could you please mention the API version (e.g. 19.10, 21.10) that you are using in the project? Also, share the problematic file and sample code. We’ll then look into this issue.