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Signature Link in Email


When I send a request to sign an envelope using our API installation, I click the link in the email, then I sign and then I get two dialog boxes popup. One says there is an error and that I can’t access the envelope because all recipients have not signed yet. The other is some system object message, not sure what that is. See attached.

Shouldn’t the user get a message that confirms they’ve signed and says it’s still waiting for other recipients? Getting an error message does not send the right message to the user. They think something is wrong.


Thank you for your request. No, it’s not an issue, the all signers should sign the document before we show them the signed document. This is because we fill all the signers fields on the pdf, create summary page and after that we can say that the envelope is signed. The recipient shouldn’t see the signed document only with his data because this is not valid signed envelope document.
The idea of all this to be than like that is:
imagine me and you have to sign a contract
and we create an envelope, setup as signers, etc.
if only you sign and see the contract only with your signature - this makes no sense as this is not valid contract, the same is if only I do it.

In summary: all recipients should sign the envelop before you can view signed document.


I'm okay with the process that all should sign before viewing. It's the message that the recipient receives. There is no error in your system as the screenshot says there is, so the message should be positive and not negative like there is a problem. Just say the document cannot be viewed yet because all signers have not signed, or something like that. Don't say ERROR. Why am I getting another dialog box as seen in the screenshot. Can you verify that the signature link when accessed by a recipient gets this dialog box that says object or not?


Thank you for coming back. Sure, no problem we will change this message today.

As for the second pop up with the message: [object: object] - could you please share with us URL example of such envelop that we can test it since we can’t reproduce this popup. For example you can add me as a signer ( and I will check it.

Thank you.


Thanks for the quick update to the sign successful message. That reads better, now I know that everything is okay and other signers need to sign, if applicable.

In my case there was only one signer I sent out to so that person should technically see the document right away, correct? UPDATE: I see the document as the only signer, but can’t access it because of the success modal you just updated. Can you add a button to click so that the signing confirmation box goes away?

Here is the URL that I get the object popup:


Thank you for the URL sharing. We have checked this envelop and found out that there is a two signers - one signed and second is pending. Please note that the owner of the envelop is a signer too. Since that when you signed the envelop you get the message that not all signers are signed the envelop. To check this please create an envelop where signer will be only one (envelop owner like shown on this screenshot) and then sign the envelop - as a result you will see signed document and no messages will be.


In this URL example, the signer was only one, not the owner, but a recipient.

In our API installation, we've developed a way for the envelop owner, if they are the only signer, to sign instantly in our application.

Do we need to modify our application so if there is only one signer from the URL they will not get the object error or the popup message that there is still more signers?


In the URL you shared you have two users added to the envelop, like on this screenshot .

Yes please modify your application.


How would I modify my application?

This is a javascript alert message that says something like ‘the page at says [Object object]’. This means the message is coming from your page not mine. Also let me recap the process here for you.

1. doc is generated for signing (it doesn’t really matter if there is 1 user or 10 users, this is irrelevant to the problem)

2. all users who signed the document get an email notification from with an email that they have a document to sign.

3. user clicks link in email and lands on to sign the document

4. user sees the javascript alert message mentioned above

Now please tell me how this has anything to do with my application? It’s happening on YOUR SITE!

It seems like on your end someone was debugging and trying to view the contents of an object in javascript. Just FYI you can’t view an object’s contents by using an alert message. You should do console.log(obj) or JSON.stringify(obj) if you’re going to use an alert.


We have made modifications at our end. Please try again with the new envelope and if you will get this alert again please share with us the envelope or URL where we can test your functional live and found out the reason.

Thank you.