Signature Not Visible When signed document is pull back


Dear Support,

We are using Group Docs Signature API in our custom application to send out contracts for signing. Currently we are facing issue where Signature signed by users is not visible when document is downloaded after signing.

Signature does appear in the audit report that Group Docs attaches with the signed contract. But the original place where users had signed the document is not visible. Either it has dimmed because of lighter color. This problem comes only when draw mode of signature is used. In the typed mode signature is visible and readable.

Please advise



Hi @Sanjeev_Khanna We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. Could you please provide more info about it:

  1. Does you created the signature form in the GroupDocs dashboard or via the SDK?
  2. If you use SDK please provide your source code example related to the GroupDocs API.
  3. Example of such contract if possible that we can check the signing and downloading process from our side
  4. Screenshots of the issue.

Best regards.