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Does groupdocs electronic signature solution works with signature pads like Wacom pads?

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There are two options:

  • If the signature pad allows to browse web then you can simply develop an application using GroupDocs.Signature and could sign the documents (for example have a look at this free web app, it could be easily signed with such a pad)
  • Otherwise, many signature pads provide SDKs to interact with the applications. For example, when you write something using pad they capture an image of the writing. So, you have to build an additional layer in your application to get and pass that image to the Signature API and then API will impose that image as a signature on the document.

Wacom signature pad comes in the second option. It returns the signature image in the SDK. GroupDocs.Signature expects some data (text/image/digital certificate) as an input to be added to the document. So, from data perspective you may obtain the image from the Wacom device through the SDK and pass this image to Signature API.
Please note that this will be functional as an image signature only, not digital based on the PFX certificate.