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Slide Notes and HTML vs Image representations

I am evaluating groupdocs viewer and I am not clear on how to get a PowerPoint document to display the notes that go along with the powerpoint slides.

Also, I was wondering which representation (HTML or Image) rendering of documents in general is going to be the closest to the actual original document. Could it depend on the type of document? It seems like excel docs look better as Images.


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Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Viewer and posting your concerns.
GroupDocs.Viewer API is available for three different platforms. Please tell, for what platform you are evaluating the API (document viewer API for .NET/Java or Cloud) and also tell version of the API.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your response.

Currently, slides notes are not rendered along with the slides of a the PowerPoint​ presentation. However, we have a plan to include this feature in the upcoming versions of the API. Whenever the feature is available, we’ll notify you via this forum thread.

Furthermore, GroupDocs.Viewer renders the document very accuratly in image representation as well as in html representation. The rendering results are same in both representations, however, rendering as image gives the closest results when rendering complex documents. Whereas, rendering document as html is faster if we compare the performance.

In case you would have any other questions or queries, please do let us know.

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The platform we wish to use is .NET.

Thank you for the information. Do you have a date/schedule planned for the slides rendering? We would not be able to use it until that date. Also, could you clarify what you mean by complex documents? Are certain file types best to be rendered as image?

Hi there,

Thanks for your response.

Currently, we are unable to provide you any particular date. We release a new version of the GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET in the second half of each month and it is planned to include this feature in any of the upcoming releases. If everything goes according to the plan, hopefully, it will take a month or two to provide the support of this feature.

Furthermore, there are no particular file types that are to be rendered as image to get the best results. In the above post, the complex document meant the one that may contain various graphic elements such as complex charts and graphs, different designs, different formatting styles etc. However, GroupDocs.Viewer promises the accuracy in both, HTML based rendering and image based rendering.

In case you would have any confusion, please do let us know.

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We are delighted to inform you that the feature of rendering slide notes along with the PowerPoint slides will be available from the upcoming version (18.1) of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET. As soon as version 18.1 is released, we’ll notify you here.


The support of rendering slide notes (filed as VIEWERNET-1222) has been included in this update.