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Slim implementation in existing PHP-project via API?

Hi there!

Let me explain our use case in short words, before I ask my questions:

Participants of our trainings should be able to view several documents on tablet-pc, annotate them during the meeting and view / download the personalized versions. All this should happen via a login-area within our website, the annotated documents should be available for at least six month.

The original versions of the documents are already present in a repository on our webserver, so that they should be uploaded to the Groupdocs-Cloud on demand via API-calls.

My questions:

1. Is there a slim, simple method to implement the API into a existing PHP-project, e.g. upload some PHP-Classes to the server, include them in scripts and just coll some methods? Until now I only read about installation using command line calls and the examples are fixed to the F3-framework…

2. In our use case: is it possible to initiate multiple annotation-sessions (and recall them later) on one document without generating a specific groupdocs-user for every single session?

Thanks in advance!


Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs.

1. Please check this Git repository for the SDK. We used F3 framework just as an example and you can install and use our SDK in any PHP project based on any framewrok or with out it.

2. Yes you can initiate annotation session with out creating the user but in such case all annotations will be made under “anonymous” user.

Best regards.

Thanks for your fast response!

Since I´m not familiar with composer, I hoped for for a even lower level usage, as uploading and including some PHP-files. I´ll have a lock at composer…

Anonymous sessions won’t help in our project, since we want to be able to recall the user-based sessions. So in fact, we have to create users via the API, right? As far as i understand, a valid email-adress is mandatory for every user and every time a document gets shared, a email will be sent to the user. Is there a way to hold back this notification?


Please download this repository as a zip and you will find all files that you need to upload to your server in the “src” folder.

As for the users - yes, you are right the valid email is mandatory and you should create users via API. To disable the notifications you should simply uncheck this checkbox in your GroupDocs account settings.

Best regards.

Yes - this is the hint I was searching for. It´s really that simple… :slight_smile:

And if we can suppress the notification, everything seem to become good in the end.

Thank you very much.


You are welcome, if you will have more questions or any issues please feel free to contact us.

Best regards.