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SmartAssembly has expired


I tried to copy over the .dlls and code from the sample demo project over to a fresh new MVC5 web app and I get the following error when I launch the site. Is there a temporary/demo license I need to apply? Am I missing something in the web.config?

This assembly has been built with an evaluation version of SmartAssembly, which has expired.


I ended up solving this somehow. I think it was about having the wrong assemblies in the bin.


Hello Stuart,

We glad to hear that the issue is resolved.


I realized I used the GroupDocs assembly from the demo code which was out of date. I was using the assembly from “Annotation 1.8.0 for .NET” instead of “Annotation 1.8.1 for .NET”.

When I included the newer version, I was dissapointed to see that you obfuscated the service layer entirely when I could no longer inject my own implementation of each service. This kind of makes using StructureMap to extend the product useless.

However, after updating the assembly, I get this error again.

“his assembly has been built with an evaluation version of SmartAssembly, which has expired.“

Exception: This assembly has been built with an evaluation version of SmartAssembly, which has expired.]
#Q5.#8S.() +238
#Q5.#8S.#P5() +23
.cctor() +34

Below is the code that’s creating the exception:

Groupdocs.Web.Annotation.WidgetFactory.Initialize(this.Context, @”~/Documents”,

Did something change in the newer version? If so, can you update the documentation based on the changes?


By the way, I get the same error when upgrading the Groupdocs.Demo.Annotation.Mvc project to Groupdocs.Web.Annotation and MVC 4

It would be beneficial if GroupDocs provides an updates sample demo project with the newer version.

BTW - I’m getting very fed up with the amount of troubleshooting I’ve had to do just to get a prototype of this up an running. I’m almost to the point of not recommending this project due to terrible documentation and support. Thanks a lot Aspose!


After reaching out to RedGate, maker of SmartAssembly, here is what I found out:

"It looks like GroupDocs Web Annotator has used SmartAssembly on their assemblies with either a trial version of Developer licensed edition of the tool (both of which create builds that expire after one week). To get rid of the error, they’ll just need to make sure that SmartAssembly is activated with a valid (Standard or Professional edition) serial key and then re-run their assemblies through our tool to create releasable builds.

That said, I’m afraid there’s unfortunately nothing we can do from our side to resolve the error"

GroupDocs needs to provide an evaluation version of their most latest assemblies with an updated license of SmartAssembly.

At this point, I can no longer recommend GroupDocs as a viable solution for us simply because of this technical oversight. I hope they get their act together.


Hello Stuart,

Yes, we confirm, this issue is on our side, we are responsible for that. It will be fixed today, I’ll notify you in this forum thread, when GroupDocs.Annotation library will be updated on our web-site.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hello Stuart,

We have removed the GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET version 1.8.1 for a while - the latest version now is the 1.8.0, please use it. It contains the same features as are present in the version 1.8.1.

Sorry for the inconvenience.