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Some text are not highlighted after export to MS Word


Using text comment, highlight text and add comment, export it. We expect that that highlighted text will have it’s corresponding comment.

However, some are highlighted but others, in MS Word, no text is highlighted but the comment is persisted. User does not know to which the comment it is associating.

Please see attached screenshot.




Hi Leo,

Thank you for the request. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue, as you can see on this screenshot I have used text annotation and exported the docx file with - all annotations highlighted the text and comments are visible. Please provide more detailed guide for how to reproduce it.

Thank you.


Hi Pavel,

Can you confirm if your replication environment contains both your Viewer, Compare, and Annotation libraries?




Hi Leo,

Yes, I can confirm that. Also I have tried to make annotation under different users - and all marked well and with different colors.

Best regards.