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Specify custom jQuery version for Viewer, .NET

we are using the old viewer dll from 2013 and when viewing a .docx document, I see these scripts in the iframe.
scripts.jpg (133.0 KB)
This version of jQuery is quite outdated and insecure and I was wondering if there is a possibility somehow to specify which jQuery version should be used or should we just switch to a more recent version of Viewer?

Thank you in advance.


Unfortunately, the version that is using jQuery is no longer maintained.

The scripts.jpg are embedded in Groupdocs.Viewer.dll and you can opt out of adding jQuery to the page and add the version you want. In case you’re using CreateViewerScriptLoadBlock or CreateScriptLoadBlock methods you can set LoadJquery(false) and add a version of jQuery you prefer to the page yourself.

In case you decide to migrate to the latest version of GroupDocs.Viewer please check our Demo Projects at GitHub. The latest version does not include UI. The UI is shipped in a separate NuGet package GroupDocs.Viewer.UI. The demo project that is using GoropuDocs.Viewer and GroupDocs.Viewer.UI can be found here.

Let us know if you have any questsions.

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Thank you for the help! We added the jQuery version ourselves and now all is great.


You’re welcome!