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Split Word document programmatically in Java

I use merger.split() to split a document into four small documents,Four files were successfully splited, but the first three documents have no content and the fourth was binary (32.6 KB).
My code:
image.png (18.8 KB),I don’t know where the problem is. I use groupdocs-merger-19.12.jar.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Please share following details and we’ll investigate this scenario:

  • Sample/source document
  • Are you evaluating the API without license? If yes, we’d recommend you to get a temporary license here. This (152.9 KB) will help you in getting the temporary license.

source document (10.1 KB)

I have applied for a temporary license and used in the project.
image.png (3.8 KB)

@atirtahir3 I found the solution to the problem,Thank you very much !

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You’re welcome.