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Is there a method for changing the delimiter character on a Csv export from a comma to another character?


We are afraid but API doesn’t support such a feature. However, you can load a CSV by specifying the delimiter and then convert it to some other file format. Could you please tell us about your development platform (Java or .NET)? We could then investigate this scenario accordingly.

That’s disappointing. My situation is we’re reading several file formats into our system (e.g. xls, xlsm, pdf, html, etc) and converting them into a delimited flat format that can be read by SAP. However, since we’re using data from several large suppliers, comma’s are common in product and customer data. We really need an uncommon delimiter such as a pipe ("|"). Your import capabilities are outstanding, but the lack of this small feature would be an Achille’s Heel for us.


We are investigating the possibility to implement such a feature in the API. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONNET-5092. We’ll notify you in case of any update.

Thanks very much!

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You are welcome.


We will implement this feature in GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET version 22.3 that is expected to be release by March 2022 end. Meanwhile, you may explore Saving Workbook to Text or CSV Format from Aspose, our sister company.