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Standalone Angular Viewer

Hello, may I know if there is any way to deploy just the Angular UI of the viewer? I tried to deploy but it seems like the guides are outdate and lot of changes have been made.


Yes, you can deploy just the Angular UI but you’ll need some service that would convert documents to HTML or PNG and send them to the UI.

I need to know if its possible to integrate the ui with java ee. I am using rest api , jaxrs so I cannot use spring for deployment


In general, the UI expects some endpoint that returns data in a predefined format. So, you can use any technology to implement the service.

What type of data that I need to return? I have connected point it to the endpoint but I got another error as in picture. Also here are the controller files that I configured. Also I use the index.html in dist file after ng build. Is that correct?

ss63.PNG.jpg (204.1 KB)
viewer.7z (2.3 KB)


Thank you for attaching the screenshot with errors. It seems that the endpoint does not work as it responds with 500 error code. Please make sure that works well in your browser and responds with json.

Yes, that is correct. The index.html contains links to javascript files.