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Stax2 inclusion from 18.12 creates a class resolver conflict


18.12 of groupdocs conversion for java introduced a dependency that is baked into the jar for stax2-api. this version of stax2-api is conflicting with the version that the aws java libraries pulls in as a transitive dependency.

specifically, the org.codehaus.stax2.ri.Stax2EventReaderImpl class that’s embedded into the groupdocs-conversion jar only has the default constructor, but that same class in the stax2-api that gets pulled in for the aws client has a constructor that takes two arguments. when the aws cli tries to instantiate that class with the two param constructor, the system has a runtime exception saying that the constructor cannot be found (because it’s using the version of the class that is embedded into your .jar).

do ya’ll have any insight for me? can ya’ll either remove that dependency and/or include it externally? can i know the version of that api you are actually using? (none of the tagged releases in the github repo have a version of that class with only the default constructor).

TIA for any insight you could provide.


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Thank you for your inquiry.

We are investigating this at our end. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONJAVA-542. We’ll notify you as we have any further update on it.



CONVERSIONJAVA-542 is now resolved in API version 19.4