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Strange behaviour when resizing windows


Hello Groupdocs,

I am using the realtime-apps server, with the embedded annotator. The below behavior is observed in chrome on osx and windows, and in IE 10 on windows.

Why is it that when you make the window narrower that the top buttons first get bigger and then smaller. Big buttons in the narrow windows do not seem to be very usable.

Also when you make the window smaller until the buttons just explode, you see a big circle outside of the button bar hovering over the top of the document. What is that one for?

I still cannot upload attachments otherwise I would have given some screenshots.

Kind regards,



Hi Jeroen,

Thanks for getting in touch.

This issue has been reported to the concerned department and it will be given high priority. We’ll notify you once we get any updates from the devs.

We truly appreciate your cooperation.

Kind Regards,
Vipin Thomas, GroupDocs Support.