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Style changes after comparing two documents in Java

I am merging two docx, it merges but inserted and deleted portion are in blue and red color. I need to keep previous style and font. Also I don’t want Markup area in output.docx.
I can use settings.setDeletedItemsStyle(); but I need previous style.
I used changes[i].setAction(ComparisonAction.Accept); but it is not working.

Is there any other alternative for this?

image.png (13.8 KB)


Thank you for your inquiry. In order to investigate your issue at our end, we need following details from you:

  • For which platform you are evaluating the API (Java or .NET).
  • Version of the API you integrated in the project (e.g 17.3.2, 18.4)
  • Problematic files (Source and target)

Thanks for Reply.


Thanks for sharing the required information. We are investigating this scenario at our end. You shall be informed about the outcomes ASAP. Your investigation ticket ID in our internal issue tracking system is COMPARISONJAVA-346.


Your reported issue COMPARISONJAVA-346 is now fixed in API version 20.4.