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Summary pane not displaying comments in viewer from other users


While collaborating in a document when conducting action of Text Replace & entering a comment as user 1, the comments/replies entered is not displayed in the Summary Pane of viewer for all users


Hi Leo,

Could you please provide more info about how to reproduce the issue because I have tried to reproduce it with the Annotation in such way: made 3 annotations each made by different user and I was able to see all of them under each user.

Also sorry but your words “Pane of viewer” is confusing - Viewer doesn’t have such panel at all and can’t view annotations or something specific for Annotation, does you mean Annotation instead of Viewer?

Thank you.


Hi Pavel,

Please see attached video cast.


Hi Leo,

Thank you for the video guide. From the screencast I can see that you have some custom representation of the Annotation (annotation it self and the separate comments panel ), could you please share with me example of this project because with my project I can’t reproduce the issue

Thank you.


Hi Pavel,

Your replication step is not correct.

It does work as you have shown in our integration as well.

But try opening two different instances, simulating an actual real-time collaboration. In our case, I used one IE and the other Chrome with both different users.



Hi Leo,

Thank you for the explanation. Now I have reproduced it and created a bug ticket. Product team will resolve it and then I will notify you.

Best regards.