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Support for custom metadata writing in .NET using C#


We are considering of using (and purchasing) the Metadata library and have some questions about it. We will appreciate the answers.

We want to add our custom metadata to a document in format key/value. We know that Office Open XML supports it and so does pdf. We hoped that your solution will bring that feature for more formats, but after testing the solution, it seems that only the mentioned formats are supported.

We saw list of supported formats, but it is not clear which formats supports custom metadata and which ones not. Is there any such documentation available?

Do you consider to add such support for CAD formats like .dwg, .dxf? Do you have any public (or shareable) roadmap for it?


Yes, at the moment, the custom metadata is supported for Word Processing documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and the PDF documents. To check if the custom metadata is supported or not, please visit the Features Overview article in the documentation.

I am afraid that we don’t have any public roadmap for such features. However, we have logged it as a new feature request in our Issue Tracking System (ID: METADATANET-3053). We shall check the feasibility of custom metadata in CAD formats and get back to you with further updates.

Hello @usman.aziz,
that’s a shame but thank you for the quick reply and logging my questions as feature request.


You’re welcome.


After a detailed investigation on the possibility of saving custom metadata in CAD formats (logged as METADATANET-3053), we got the following results.

  1. It is possible to read custom metadata properties from DWG files but, at the moment, there is no way to save any changes made in a DWG file. This makes it nearly impossible to implement the requested feature for DWG files in the nearest releases of GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET.

  2. Adding custom metadata to DXF is possible and can be implemented. However, saving the updated DXF file will be partially supported at the moment. This means that a saved file can slightly be different from the original one.

If you are fine with that, we are ready to implement the requested feature for DXF files in the future releases of GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET.

Hi @usman.aziz,
I think this makes sense as a future requested feature in general but I don’t think the partial solution will resolve what we’re looking for. Thanks for following up, though.


You are welcome.