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System.OutOfMemoryException when calling GroupDocs.Conversion.License


After a couple of weeks of usage of GroupDocs.Conversion without issues, I am facing the following error whenever I am calling the GroupDocs.Conversion : System.OutOfMemoryException.

I am unable to debug and understand what and why it throws such an error, spent some time on it and getting clueless, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please share following details and we’ll look into this scenario:

  • API version that you are using (e.g. 21.1, 21.2)
  • Sample code
  • Is this a document specific issue? If yes, please share the problematic file
  • Subscription date from your license file

Currently on the lastest version 21.2 but the behavior was the same with an older version. Upgrade did not help.
License date : January 2021
Project running in Outlook 2013, x86

Codewise :

public void LoadLicense()
////This is used when deployed thru VSTO
System.Reflection.Assembly assemblyInfo =
string assemblyLocation = assemblyInfo.Location;
Uri uriCodeBase = new Uri(assemblyInfo.CodeBase);
string ClickOnceLocation = Path.GetDirectoryName(uriCodeBase.LocalPath.ToString());
//string GroupsDocsLicPath = ClickOnceLocation + GlobalVar.GroupDocsLicLoc;
////This is used when deployed thru InstallShield
string ProgramFilesDirectory = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.ProgramFiles);
string GroupsDocsLicPath = ProgramFilesDirectory + GlobalVar.GroupDocsLicLoc;

//System.OutOfMemoryException right below when calling GroupDocs.Conversion
GroupDocs.Conversion.License license = new GroupDocs.Conversion.License();

        catch (Exception ex)
            MessageBox.Show(new Form { TopMost = true }, "Something went wrong while setting the license - " + ex.Message.ToString());

With Process Monitor I can see a buffer overflow :

groupdocs_bufferoverflow.png (27.1 KB)


Is this subscription expiry date? Could you please share the license file with us in a private message?