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System requirement for GroupDocs.conversion for java

what are the minimum system requirements for this


GroupDocs.Conversion for Java can be executed on any Operating System with JDK installed and it supports Java run-time version 6 (1.6) and above.
Furthermore, you can visit this article. As far as hardware requirements are concerned we’re afraid we can’t provide you information about possible hardware requirements because document conversion depends on multiple factors including document size and content.
What we can provide is minimal system requirements to run GroupDocs.Conversion for Java is JDK 1.6. So, if you have a machine with JDK 1.6 you can utilize API on it.

thanks for your kind information

what languages are supported in groupdocs?


Can you please elaborate?
If you are talking about documents with different languages, then API supports conversion of such documents.

yeah, The language in the documents.


Yes, you can do conversion of such documents.

Is there any font types that it does not support?


API permits to load different/custom fonts. Hence, you can set custom font directories.
This is how it works:

Define font path
public final static String fontsPath = "./Data/Fonts/";

Then add font path to the conversion configuration


In this way it could support any font type. However, if you face any issue in this regard, you can share that with us.

Ok thanks for these useful informations :grinning:


You are welcome.