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Temporary License - Still getting Aspose Watermarks

I got a temporary license hoping that the html being created would be free from Apose evaluation watermarks but it is not.

Should it be?

I stepped through the code and the lic is getting set. I am assuming if the lic was not correct it would throw an error?

I was passing an invalid file path so, this is a non issue. However, I was expecting the License object to throw an error.



Thanks for sharing your issue with us.

The SetLicense() method doesn’t throw the exception if the provided license file’s path is incorrect. In that case, the evaluation watermark will appear in the output. It is better to apply the license using the file stream as shown in the below code samples. In this case, an exception will be thrown if there is some issue with the file’s path or permissions.


using (FileStream fileStream = new FileStream(LICENSE_FILE_PATH, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))
      License lic = new License();


FileInputStream licenseStream = new FileInputStream(LICENSE_FILE_PATH);
License lic = new License();