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We are very lucky at GroupDocs to have had great feedback from some dedicated customers to help us focus on improving each of our products and attract new customers.

In this thread we will share the thoughts of those customers who have been willing to give us a testimonial. Users can also feel free to add their positive thoughts and experiences with the products and our pro-active support team.


"Before GroupDocs, I would have to print and fax a document over to my customers, wait for them to send it back with their changes, and forget about it if there was an issue.

Printer ink alone cost me more a week than GroupDocs does all month. It’s not only cheaper, but more convenient and much quicker.

That’s just the functionality. I could go on and on about how helpful Vipin Thomas, GroupDocs Support is. If I can’t figure something out, they show me how. If something isn’t quite working as I expected, they alter it to suite my needs.

All in all, GroupDocs is the best thing since sliced bread. I owe you guys a HUGE thanks! My business wouldn’t be where it is today without GroupDocs."


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"There aren’t that many companies out there who are willing to work with us on what we want. It’s become a great partnership."

Margot Baill

Product Development Director

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"Excellent service and excellent products. They were extremely helpful
and responsive during the GroupDocs Viewer for .NET implementation
process, can’t recommend them highly enough."

Martin Lasarga

Product Manager
Axentria ECM by G.S.I.

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GroupDocs is a great tool. We changed over from DocuSign and have never looked back. Only thing better about them is the name. We only think that because we only use this powerful tool to mimic our docusign account, but GroupDocs can do much more than. Our company will only become more efficient the more we put this to good use.

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We have pptx files that have animation gif files. Can we render these animation files using GroupDocs tool? Thank you.