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Text cannot be searched in PDF

Hi, I am using GroupDocs.Search to perform content search from my documents. The issue is it not searching text inside some PDFs.

For example, if a PDF document has text “Subject:test” and if i search for word ‘test’ it does not provide correct results.

U3411753c4472a_test_638085215481175077.pdf (14.9 KB)

The file is attached from which i am not getting results.


Could you please share the sample code and the expected output?

Hi Atir,

Thank you for your support. The issue was resolved as I included the below lines in my code, you have discussed in previous related issue that:

**UseRawTextExtraction** by default is enabled. Please set it to false in order to get rid of the issue.

IndexSettings settings = new IndexSettings();
settings.UseRawTextExtraction = false;
Index index = new Index(indexFolder,settings);

Secondly, we’d recommend you to always set UseRawTextExtraction to false. This improves extracted text formatting for some of the document (for example the document you shared).