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Text redaction in PDF using C#

Minutes_Audit_ Mar 20, 2020.pdf (47.2 KB)

I cannot play with Redact by text for this attached document,
some keywords in this document are not redacting, keywords i tried to redact is -(committee, meeting, march).
when i tried these keywords to redact am getting out of memory execption in my viewer level.
can you please help me out.

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We cannot reproduce this issue using API version 20.2 and following code:

using (Redactor redactor = new Redactor(@"D:/Minutes_Audit_ Mar 20, 2020.pdf"))
     redactor.Apply(new ExactPhraseRedaction("committee", new ReplacementOptions("[sample text here]")));

Have a look at this (1.1 MB).
Please share following details and we’ll look into your scenario:

  • API version that you are using
  • Sample application using that issue could be reproduced

New (3.0 KB)

Here I have attached my controller and View code, and am trying to redact word “committee” but the redaction is failed.

I am using Groupdocs.Redaction 19.12 API version.

We’d recommend you to migrate to API version 20.7 (as this issue is not reproduced in 20.7). Please have a look at the migration notes. Following are some helpful resources: