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Text replace annotation feature in .NET

Apologies. I just opened a forum thread, but did not realize that I was not logged in, so I am opening this thread so that you have my contact information.

Hello - I am looking for an update to forum threads 8379 and 7212, which document issues with using the Text Replace tool in Annotation.

We purchased GroupDocs Total for .NET about a year ago and have been unable to use the Text Replace tool because it does not allow you to precisely select and replace text. This is a P1 showstopper for us, and we believe it is required for a true collaboration tool. Each time we ask for update, it sounds like you are always very close, but it has been months and we still do not have a resolution.

Is it possible for us to have a call to discuss the current status? Does it make sense for us to upgrade our support license? How do we make progress on these issues?

Your response and help is appreciated.

Hi Justin,

Thank you for the request. Currently out Product team works on the next generation Annotation library and it will be released soon. The both issues should be resolved in it, since that I can suggest you to wait for the release and then migrate to the new version. Also the new version will have a lot of improvements because it totally rebuilded.

When the new version will be available we will prepare examples and documentation fro how to migrate and notify you.

Best regards.

Hi - It has been a few more weeks, but I have not seen where the Text Replace fixes have been released. The last update is that it would be available soon. Can you give us some indication of the timeframe for the release? We have our subscription renewal coming up next week. Please let me know. Thanks.

Hi Justin,

We have posted a request to the product team to know about the estimated date of release. Once we get any further update from the product team, we would inform you through this forum thread.

Warm Regards!

Hi Muhammad - Wondering if there was any update on this issue? Please let me know. Thanks,

Hi Justin,

The release will be available by the end of June or in start of July.
Stay tuned.

Best wishes.

We received a next generation annotation release and are still see the issue with not being able to precisely select the text that you want to be able to replace.

Is there another update that we should be expecting that resolves the Text Replace issues?

Hi Justin,

Thank you for raising this issue.

The concerned team is investigating the root cause of the issue. We’ll soon update you with our findings.

Best Regards

Hi Justin,

Please confirm that did you implement the next generation GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 3.0.0. by your own? Or are you using the open sourced UI Example which has been published at for GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 3.0.0.

Actually GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 3.0.0 is a UI Less/ backend API. You can visit here to see that how text replacement annotation can be implemented.

Can you please share your code that how are you implementing the text replacement annotation.

Many Thanks.

Muhammad - Please be aware that I work for the same company as Leo Barcenas, who I know has already supplied this information to you.

Also, please be aware that we have been told repeatedly and were expecting the issues with Text Replace tool to be resolved in this release. The Text Replace tool currently does not allow you to precisely select the text that needs to be replaced, and therefore, the text replace tool cannot be used. We consider this a P1 issue and have been waiting almost a year for a resolution. Can you please provide a status as to when this will be resolved?

Hi Justin,

We apologize for your convenience.

I can see that my colleague has shared the initial investigation results with Leo. Please have a look at this posy:

This issue is in the Front End scripts which are open sourced on Github. The concerned team is investigating a fix and hopefully this issue will be resolved soon most probably with the next release expected in the second half of next month.

Regarding delay in the fix in old products, our product team was actually working on separating the Front End scripts from document processing engine and also, revamping the back end document processing engine. Since now the major architecture revamp is complete, all such outstanding issues are being taken care of.

Best Regards

Hi Justin,

We are glad to inform you that we have improved GroupDocs.Annotation Open Source Front-end. Hopefully all issues raised by you are resolved

Kindly download updated front-end from this link and feel free to contact us if you have any further query.

Thank you for your cooperation and wait.

Warm Regards