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The number of pages cannot exceed 2 in a trial version


i got this message while i’m applying license
and this message changed to file corrupted i’m using it as windows service
this screenshot of code
image.png (4.1 KB)


when i use diagnostic tool of visual studio i found runtime error “system.reflection.ambiguousmatchexception ambiguous match found” on the set license line



The evaluation message appears when you use the API in trial mode without applying the license and the trial limitations are applied. Please make sure that you are applying the license correctly. Also, please check that the path to the license file is correct and the license is not expired.

Please provide us the following details so that we can investigate the issue at our end.

  • The version of GroupDocs.Signature you are using
  • Sample console application (source code without compilation error) that can be used to replicate the error
  • Problematic file


I’m using Groupdocs.signature 19.4 for .Net i’m getting license is valid on my local machine but once deployed to server it appears as not valid.
path is correct and license is not expired as i purchase it 2 month ago
note : my app is deployed on two servers using load balance also i’m using it as plugin on Microsoft dynamics CRM (it is like windows service)



It seems that some configuration on your servers is stopping the API from applying the license. To dig it further, please download this console tester application and run it on the server for which you are getting the issue. After the successful run, share with us the log.txt file that will be created in …\bin\Debug folder. Please do not forget to update the license file’s path in the App.config before running the application.

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also i used 19.5 but i’m not using it as console application i’m using it as CRM Plugin which is like windows service is it might be not accessible from crm ?



Thanks for sharing the outcomes. The console application was just to check if some configuration/policy (i.e. FIPS) is not stopping API from applying the license. However, the log file you have shared contains the information that the license is applied and it is valid as well on your server (see this). Since you have shared that there is no license related issue when running the plugin on your local machine, it shows that the issue is not related to the CRM and happens when it is deployed on the server. Would you please conduct a detailed investigation and log all the exceptions that occur in your application when the plugin is used? This might give you some hint about the issue.


thank you for your support i figured out the issue , i must install other DLL such as Aspose.Imaging, Aspose.Slides etc after installing them it works fine



Although, GroupDocs.Signature doesn’t require installation of Aspose APIs, however, it is good to know that you have managed to resolve the issue at your end.