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The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process

Hi Team,

I got this error when a pdf is being viewed by two users at the same time.

1. version:v2.10.0.0

we have no plan to migrate to v3.x recently since it is very different from v2.x and will cost a lot time also with high risk.What's more , the migration will not resove the messy code problem (12451).

2.It seems like the pdf that is generated by groupdocs.viewer could not being loaded by two progress.

Many thanks for your help.


Thank you for the question. One of the reasons for this error could be a cache generating process - Viewer tries to generate the document cache twice in the same time when two users tries to open it in the same time. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce it - tried to open the same document in two browsers at the same time.

Please try to pre-generate the document cache - before users will open it. For how to generate the cache please check this documentation.

Best regards.


Since i'm using an old version (v2.x) , it seems like that the cache is generated automaticlly. Can i pre-generate the document cache with the old version?

How about trying to open the document on two PC by different people to make sure open the file [at the same time]. Because i tried server times with my colleague, the error wasn't shown every time.


As I said in the previous post you can pre-generate the cache. Please check this documentation for how to’s.

Best regards.