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This is frustrating

That is a link to a document with multiple signature fields for one signer. Created using this envelope -> c5deac3d1235e93e333b29e82947ceae

Here is a link to the signature template page …

you can see multiple signature fields assigned to same user. This is how I want it to work but I can not get other envelope templates to accept multiple signature fields for one user.

When I try to create documents like this it will not let me save them

Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, we doesn't see described use case for this template , so could you please share with us some screenshots for the use case and we will be able to understand your issue better. As we understand that you want to add to one envelope several signature fields that will assigned to one user(recipient). Is it correct? Also will be useful if you share the document that you use for the envelope.

We will wait for your details.


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